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Top 6 Tricks To Brighten Up Your Rented Home

A home is a home, whether it is owned or rented. All of us dream of living in a home that says something about our personality. We understand that achieving this dream in a rented apartment is way more difficult, considering the constraints and conditions on the lease. So, how to decorate a rental home and still get your deposit money back? Well, we have just the right rental home decor tips for you then!

Washi / Paper tape a design on the wall

Rather than splurging on a whole room's worth of temporary wallpaper, which can run into the thousands of rupees (and won't come with you!), use washi tape to create a graphic design for wall art (tiny x's allover, wide stripes, frames or a single line going all the way around the room like a belt at sill height).

Get indoor plants with decent pots

Decorating a rented house with plants can be revolutionary. You can choose from air-purifying ones to low maintenance options. Get a mix of flowering plants and non-flowering ones to balance out the colour. Add it in corners and against the walls!

Fabrics can be the real game changer

Curtains, rugs, cushion and sheets can change the face of your room beyond recognition because it can cover the maximum of surface area. Well, if you did not know that already, you better try this trick today! No matter what you like, bright or dull, solid or printed, flowery or geometric, it can jazz up your room instantly.

Float shelves—and paint them the color of the walls

Simple, rectangular floating shelves can be sourced very inexpensively from your local carpenter and by simply matching them to the wall color they'll look custom-installed. This will make some space for storage and can be removed for carrying it to your new home when required.

Brighten up your space by adding stylish lights

You might not be allowed to touch your walls or ceiling for concealed wiring but you can always add interesting floor or table lamps. The local market is flooded with options in every style. Explore away !

Photographs always work

This is the best way of putting up memories of your loved ones on walls in front of your eyes all the time. It personalizes your space and looking at it can make up for any bad day. If nailing it on wall is not an option for you, try using different kind reusable and removable adhesives available in market. (Tack-it by Faber Castell)

These rental home decor tips are for everyone who loves to give their home a personal touch. You do not have to compromise on decor just because you do not own the home. Try these tips and transform your rented home now!

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